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Register Business in India all about how to set up and maintain business in India. It is enterprise of ASC Group. ASC Group, a Delhi-NCR based consultancy firm, started its journey way back in 1995 with the formation of Alok Sinhal & Co, a Chartered Accountant firm, registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). It has been a voyage of 19 years since we begun and now we stand diversified in service and nature but united in innovation & improvement. We provide the consultancy services for smooth running of business. We provide the best solutions in setting up business in India.

ASC group is a team of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates, MBA's and other professionals who are involved in providing consultancy to our clients in various financial, business and other Tailor-made issues. ASC follows the policy of departmentalization for different expertise areas by creating differententities and separate teams for the clients for their tailor made issues.



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The Government of India levied Income Tax on the income derived from various activities performed within India. Income Tax is a direct tax since it is imposed on income earned. Income Tax Calculators helps you to calculate your income tax on basis of input given by you.


The Government of India charged fee for incorporation of Company and other fee on filing of various documents to ministry of corporate affairs (MCA). This calculator will helps you to calculate your ROC fee chargeable on the filing of various documents to MCA.

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